Welcome to my simblr! I've been playing the sims for years now, but it wasn't until now that I decided to make a simblr blog. I'm 16, female and from Holland. This is where I share photos of my sims and stuff. I also put sims up for download sometimes for followers. I only follow back other simblr's, please do not take it personal if I don't follow you back. NSFW content will be tagged and put under "read more". If you have any questions please don't be scared to ask but check my Q&A page first, I'm always friendly! I can't always remember WCIF's but if you want your sims to look like mine, take a look at my lookbooks for inspiration! I used to play the sims 2 as well, but the sims 3 is just more anatomically correct and aestethically pleasing in my opinion. However, I still follow simblr's that primarily or only play the sims 2 as I love that game as well. I don't reblog things often, and I don't follow blogs about games other than the sims.
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