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I’m going on a hiatus, I’m not sure for how long but I have lots if artwork still to do and the days I have posted pictures have been my small breaks in between. I am also starting to feel disconnected from this community and to be honest I’ve thought many times about abandoning this blog altogether or deleting.

I’ll try to post when I can if I still want to be here

nooooooo! no…no no no no no no no no no no no no  you’re my favorite simblr you can’t go away no no no no no no no no no no …. please dont leave i love your posts you’re my favorite whyyy ;_;

Tweaked make up on Mei - TS4 :3

coco-milks asked :
hi <3!! i just wanted to say that your sims are beyond compare and your blog makes me shed tears of happiness. i was wondering where you get most of your cc? it would be greatly appreiated! * 0 *

Hello coco-milks! Ohh my gosh thank you so much i’m so glad u like my sims ;///u///; 
Hm let’s see…well for clothes my favorite creator is JS sims, for skins it’s simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr and tariks-sims. For hair cazy, butterflysims, mysims3blog. For make up, Tifa sims and SClub! 

I tried to make a Shinji. You know, from Evangelion? What do you guys think, is he a Shinji or am I totally not getting it right?

powdersims asked :
ahh! where did you get that cute school outfit sweater looking thing, so cuteee the one yume, saeko, and kanae are wearing <3_<3~~ also <3 mwah for the follow back, love your work, I am new to all this soo, I aspire to one day make sims as kawaii as yours! haah :3

hi powdersims! you can find it here: http://www1.axfc.net/u/3294567 you’re welcome! and thank you for the compliment that makes me smile ^///^ 

periluxe asked :
You have such gorgeous simmies *^*

aw thank you ! i checked out your blog and I like the sims you put up for download ! <3

s that why she fascinates? Because everyone knows she’ll wither?”


Lilico - Helter Skelter

tonigames asked :
Hi there! I'm a new Simblr and was just wondering if you could post this so that people can like it so I can follow some awesome new blogs? :D

Hello tonisims! Ofcourse, and welcome to the simblr community :)



Basically what the Text Says. EA has officially ignored Modders on this issue and maybe, just maybe with enough pushback from the community EA will actually listen and help us get it working. We need you to basically bring a big voice to the EA forums and push EA to give us alpha editable hairs. If you want to see hairs like this Anto 84 conversion up and running, then we need your help!! 

What you can do!

Here is the thread by me and Orangemittens on the issue (Post to this, Keep it bumped up to the top, make it known to EA that you want this to happen. Bump it higher than Snooki’s hair)

I usually don’t reblog stuff but this is important if we ever want ts4 sims to be able to compete with the look of ts3. ;_; Without this, it’s gonna be a whole lot of ea hair.

Simblr’s HELP!

I still can’t import package files in s4pe…it gives me an error: 

Could not import all resources - aborting.
(RK: 0xBA856C78-0x00000000-0x843B09E5D560097D)

== START ==
Source: s4pi.WrapperDealer
Assembly: s4pi.WrapperDealer, Version=1408.22.1802.23466, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Could not find a resource handler
at s4pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.WrapperForType(String type, Int32 APIversion, Stream s)
at S4PIDemoFE.MainForm.importPackagesCommon(String[] packageList, String title, DuplicateHandling dups, Boolean compress, Boolean useNames, Boolean rename, List`1 dupsList, AutoSaveState autoSaveState, IList`1 selection)
== END ==

What do I do?

What’s happened in my game so far…

Mei and Tate (he was a random NPC at first) got together and started living in the same house with Mei’s son and daughter.

In this picture all seems well but then Tate decides to have an affair. Well, I made him because after I made Mei and Tate get together I found out he had two other lovers so I was like “oh no”.

So Mei went to sit on the bed after walking in on them and she looked like “I can’t believe this shit”. So she broke up with Tate and now they hate eachother.

 After that I made Mei go to a bar and socialize and flirt with the bartender. Lol, sidenote: she couldn’t get along with the older lady who was evil.

Bartender joined in with the drinks and Mei bought everyone a round while they chatted, it was hard to get them to flirt…

But I made Mei give her a rose and now they kinda like eachother. 

Bonus pic

Guys, I have another problem..

Thanks for the people who suggested I use s4pe to merge packages. However, I have the following problem with it: I can open files, but I cannot import them. When I try, I get an error saying “Could not import all resources - aborting. (RK: 0x3453CF95-0x00000000-0x07A0F2D970821E3E)” 

I have tried playing with the settings (replace duplicates) but the same thing happens. Does anyone have the same problem and know how to fix it? (I unzip my files with WinRar by the way, in case that is relevant) Am I doing something wrong?

Does anyone know how to merge TS4 cc?

S3pe won’t import the files…